Portrait and Magical UV

UV painting is a type of painting that uses ultraviolet (UV) reactive pigments to create pieces that emit light and glow under black light.
This type of painting is often used to create vibrant and colorful pieces that have a unique and eye-catching effect.

Salvador Dali UV. 120x80cm

Salvador Dali UV. 120x80cm

Post apocalyptic Art. 120x100cm

Albert Einstein. 120x100cm

Beauty Anglina. 120x100cm

Joker Pink. Acrylic. 120x100cm

Joker. Acrylic. 150x100cm

Maria Brink. Acrylic. 100x100cm

Bob. Acrylic. 120x80cm

Heart UV. 150x100cm

Heart UV. 90x90cm

Spider UV. 90x90cm

Spider UV. 90x90cm

Afro UV. 120x100cm

Nude in Blue UV. 120x80cm

Red nude UV. 120x80cm

Green boy UV. 120x80cm

RR. Acrylic.120x100cm

Harley UV. 120x100cm

Joker. Acrylic. 150x100cm

Slash UV. 120x80cm

Khaby Lame UV. 90x60cm

Bella Poarch UV. 100x75cm

Temptation. 90x60cm, Acrylic

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