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Materials: – Ultra High Resolution Photography – Museum Quality High-resolution print on Fine Art Paper.

-PF Lustre 275 is a flat, stiff, middle-weight paper with a luster finish. The paper has a bright white base and an instant dry, micro-porous, coating.

Colour: Brown, black
Availability: Edition of 100

Signed and numbered by the artist and Certificate of Authenticity




Using a unique technique of 3D bas-relief images, each portrait in “Cosmic Ophelia” is more than just a photograph; it’s an intricate dance of light and shadow. The long exposure time allows the light to play over the bas-reliefs, creating images that seem to ripple with the movement of unseen forces, giving birth to visual narratives that speak of both the beauty and solitude of space.

Venus: A Portrait of Planetary Beauty
The standout piece “Venus” encapsulates the essence of the entire series. Named after the second planet from the Sun, it represents not just the physical characteristics of Venus, but also its mythological and cultural significances as the epitome of beauty and femininity. The choice of Venus as a theme allowed me to explore the concept of feminine mystique intertwined with the raw, untamed nature of planetary energy… cd.

My Journey with 3D Art and Long Exposure Photography: Read More

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