Arctic Roses in Bloom SOLD

Arctic Roses in Bloom SOLD


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Mixed Media 3D Art

Artist: Anna Marija Bulka
Tittle: 3D roses “Arctic Roses in Bloom”
Medium: Mixed Media, Acrylic paint, Glitter, Metallic Acrylic, Canvas stretched over a wooden frame.
Colour: White,  Silver, White, Green, Grey
Size: 180x90cm

Signed on front. Certificate of authenticity include.

Video Art

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” This was the realm of the “Arctic Roses in Bloom,” a place of frozen beauty, eternally caught in the moment of their fullest expression.

As viewers stood before the painting, they were transported to a world where the usual greens and reds of a rose garden were replaced by the monochrome of winter. Each textured petal seemed to fight against the canvas’s flatness, reaching out into the room, defying its two-dimensional bounds.
The roses stood tall and proud, a stark contrast against the cool, muted background, as if a breeze from the frozen tundra had swept through, leaving behind these spectral blossoms. The artist’s signature was discreet, a mere suggestion amidst the storm of whites, as if to say that in this frozen tableau, nature was the true artist, and she merely the conduit.”

My Art supplies are:

*Environmentally Friendly
*Cruelty Free.
*Not tested on animals.
*High Quality Safe Acrylic Paint – NO pesticides, herbicides or toxins.
*AP-Certified Non-Toxic & Kid-Friendly.
*To help the environment, quality recycled cardboard is mainly used.

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