Red Poppies 3D

Red Poppies 3D


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Original project. Mixed Media 3D Flower Art.

Artist: Anna Marija Bulka
Tittle: Red Poppies 3D
Medium: Mixed Media, Acrylic paint, Metallic Acrylic, Glitter. Canvas stretched over a wooden frame.
Colour: Green, Red, Blue
Size: 120x70cm

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1 in stock

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“The 3D texture of the image gives the poppies a sense of depth and dimension, as though they are truly growing and blooming from the canvas. The texture of the green meadow adds to the realism of the piece, with layers of grass and foliage giving the impression of a living, breathing landscape.
The abstract background of green color adds a sense of mystery and intrigue to the piece, with its swirling, textured patterns drawing the viewer’s eye inward. The combination of the bright red poppies and the deep green background creates a powerful and visually striking image, full of energy and life.
Looking at this image, one might feel a sense of wonder and awe at the beauty of nature, and a reverence for the power and significance of the poppy as a symbol. The vibrant colors and 3D texture of the piece create a sense of depth and vitality, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the image and experience the beauty of the poppies and meadow for themselves.
Overall, this 3D texture image on canvas is a visually captivating and emotionally charged work of art, full of symbolism and meaning. ”

My Art supplies are:

*Environmentally Friendly
*Cruelty Free.
*Not tested on animals.
*High Quality Safe Acrylic Paint – NO pesticides, herbicides or toxins.
*AP-Certified Non-Toxic & Kid-Friendly.
*To help the environment, quality recycled cardboard is mainly used.

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