Medusa II

Medusa II


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Original Bas-Relief on Canvas.

Artist: Anna Marija Bulka
Tittle: Medusa 3D
Medium: Used Professional artist grade acrylics, modelling past, plaster cast, heavy textured…
Colour: Black and White
Size: 120x60cm

Signed on front. Certificate of authenticity include.


1 in stock

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“Art of work featuring a face in relief that suggests the mythological figure of Medusa—is striking in its monochromatic palette. The black and white tones emphasize the contrast between light and shadow, carving out a face that appears serene yet potent. In the first image, the close-up emphasizes the textures and contours of the face, highlighting a sense of peace and introspection. The eyes are closed, suggesting an inward focus, a turning away from the external world to reveal an inner strength or perhaps a contemplation of deeper truths.

The overall composition commands a sense of ascension, with the lines and movements directing the eye upwards, perhaps hinting at a rising force or an awakening. The association with Medusa adds layers of meaning; this figure, often depicted as monstrous, here is rendered with a tranquility that contradicts the traditional narrative. It challenges the viewer to look beyond the legend, to see the power and beauty in what has been misunderstood or maligned.

The relief’s emergence from the backdrop could be symbolic of a rising from the shadows, a reclaiming of space and story. The textured hair, rather than being a source of fear, becomes a manifestation of complex identity, a statement of being unapologetically present.

Medusa’s association with transformation—her gaze that turns the onlooker to stone—is turned inward, as if to suggest that the greatest changes come from within. The duality expressed through the color scheme could also speak to the dual nature of Medusa’s story, one of both victim and victor, beauty and terror, underscoring the complexity of feminine power.

The viewer’s experience of this piece may range from awe at its artistic beauty and technical execution to contemplation of its deeper symbolism. It speaks to the enduring legacy of myth in contemporary culture and invites a reconsideration of stories long held as absolute.

This artwork could be seen as an invitation to uncover the multifaceted aspects of womanhood and power, inspiring both respect and a profound recognition of the depths of human—and particularly feminine—experience. It’s a visual meditation on the themes of transformation, perception, and the reclaiming of narratives.”

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