“Lunar Resonance”

“Lunar Resonance”


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Mixed Media 3D Art

Artist: Anna Marija Bulka
Tittle: “Lunar Resonance”
Medium: Acrylic, Mixed media, silicone, modelling paste,
Colour: white
Size: 100×100 cm

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1 in stock

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“This artwork is a captivating 3D composition that mimics the cosmic spectacle of a radiant celestial body and its dynamic energy. The piece showcases a central circular form that emulates the full moon, surrounded by an array of spherical shapes that vary in size, creating a sense of depth and texture. These spheres seem to be propelled outward from the core, giving the illusion of a burst of lunar particles or a meteorological event in a frozen state of explosion. The texture is rich and tactile, with each element casting a shadow, further emphasizing the three-dimensional aspect of the work. The neutral monochrome palette adds a contemporary edge and allows the interplay of light and shadow to take center stage, highlighting the intricacy and relief of the piece.”

My Art supplies are:

*Environmentally Friendly
*Cruelty Free.
*Not tested on animals.
*High Quality Safe Acrylic Paint – NO pesticides, herbicides or toxins.
*AP-Certified Non-Toxic & Kid-Friendly.
*To help the environment, quality recycled cardboard is mainly used.

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