Black Pearla

Black Pearla


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Mixed Media Original Art

Artist: Anna Marija Bulka
Tittle: Black Pearl
Medium: Acrylic, Glitter, Mixed media
Colour: Grey, Black, White, Silver
Size: 120 x 80 cm

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1 in stock

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“This striking 3D painting captures the iconic “Black Pearl” ship in a stunningly immersive night-time oceanic setting. The color scheme, consisting mainly of black and silver with streaks of light spots, creates a dramatic and moody atmosphere that draws the viewer into the scene.
The background of the painting is an expressive abstraction that adds depth and complexity to the composition, suggesting the unpredictability and turbulence of the ocean. The rich texture of the painting, achieved through the use of modelling paste and paper, adds a tactile element that further enhances the immersive experience.
The use of a ready-made 3D element for the Black Pearl itself is a clever touch that imbues the painting with a sense of realism and depth, as though the ship is truly sailing through the canvas. The way the ship is attached to the canvas using modelling paste and paper reinforces this effect and adds a three-dimensional quality to the painting.
Upon viewing this painting, one is immediately struck by a sense of wonder and awe at the sheer scale and power of the Black Pearl and the vast ocean it traverses. The moody and mysterious atmosphere of the composition leaves the viewer with a sense of curiosity and intrigue, inviting further exploration and contemplation.
In summary, this original 3D painting of the “Black Pearl” sailing through the ocean at night is a work of art that captures the imagination and inspires a sense of wonder and awe.”

My Art supplies are:

*Environmentally Friendly
*Cruelty Free.
*Not tested on animals.
*High Quality Safe Acrylic Paint – NO pesticides, herbicides or toxins.
*AP-Certified Non-Toxic & Kid-Friendly.
*To help the environment, quality recycled cardboard is mainly used.

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